About the program

First and foremost, to drive innovation forward. Second, to make banking faster, easier, smarter, and safer for our customers and for the entire financial services industry.

We launched the Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator in August 2014. The program:

  • Lasts approximately six months.
  • Is focused on helping startups learn what it takes to break into the Fortune 500 marketplace and the financial services vertical market.
  • Offers coaching and access to mentors, advocates, executives, and investors.
  • Provides potential investments of up to $1,000,000 for selected companies.

There are multiple goals for the program, including:

  • Spur innovation within Wells Fargo and expand access to new ideas in the financial services industry; examples include mobile, payments, digital marketing, security and authentication, advanced analytics, and infrastructure services.
  • Help startups learn how to commercialize their ideas.
  • Explore opportunities for us while solving real problems our businesses face.

This is not a standalone program with Wells Fargo’s name on it. This program is embedded in our organization and connected to Wells Fargo’s businesses. Additionally:

  • Enterprises, financial or otherwise, Fortune 500 companies have unique demands and requirements. We provide guidance to make the selling process easier and more effective.
  • We help startups understand what it would take to plug in to enterprise systems and become part of the corporate stack.
  • Our program is virtual. It is not the old startup accelerator model of desk, pipe, and power with common space.

It’s easy:

  • Candidates apply online at wellsfargo.com/accelerator.
  • We review every application from both technology and business perspectives.
  • We pair each selected applicant with a Wells Fargo advocate who provides guidance through the program.

There are several reasons a global focus makes sense for us:

  • Our customers are global, so our program has a global perspective.
  • We know that great ideas can come from anywhere — and we’re looking for big, innovative ideas.
  • Being global gives us an opportunity to get involved and connected with the brightest startups from around the world.
  • A company from anywhere in the world could spark innovation in any of Wells Fargo’s 80-plus businesses.

The program is about six months, however:

  • After six months, the company may continue to work with Wells Fargo on proofs of concept across multiple businesses.
  • Companies can maintain a lasting affiliation with Wells Fargo through the investment and through the relationships developed during the program.

About the startups

Because we appeal to innovators who are looking for a partner in their success.

  • Wells Fargo isn’t in it for the money. The program provides up to $1,000,000 in funding, but Wells Fargo isn’t focused on the financial return. We’re focusing on what technologies can be developed to better serve our customers.
  • We’re nonexclusive. Many accelerators require startups to be exclusive. Wells Fargo wants to attract as much innovation as possible, and so we do not require startups to be exclusive.

We’re looking for startups with ideas that improve our business processes, our customer relationships, and our infrastructure. This includes:

  • Companies involved in analytics, big data, artificial intelligence, mobile, cybersecurity, payments, blockchain, robotics, digital marketing, Internet of Things (IoT), authentication, wearables, and operations, among others.
  • Companies with demonstrable products, backed by experience and implementation that envision a large enterprise as the ultimate customer.

An invaluable set of services, including:

  • Access to Wells Fargo business and technology leaders who are looking to solve real problems and to explore relevant opportunities for their areas of focus.
  • Support from a dedicated working team that’s focused on exploring a startup’s product and service capabilities, exercising the product in specific uses, and making recommendations for development and improvement.
  • Experience working with a large enterprise like Wells Fargo, positioning the startup for success with other companies.
  • Exposure through program public relations and marketing efforts, and consultation on individual marketing and communications efforts.

We’re looking to work with firms that are interested in breaking into the Fortune 500 market or financial services vertical market, have an innovative product that is demonstrable, backed by implementation, and possibly, have existing customer experience.

We do not promise this as an outcome of the program, but if there is interest within Wells Fargo, the applicant may move forward outside of the program.

No, this program is completely virtual. This means you don’t have to relocate, and startups from around the world are encouraged to apply. If you are interested in meeting in person, once accepted, Wells Fargo will help guide you in making arrangements.

Application process

Entrepreneurs from around the globe who have innovative ideas can apply. Ideally, you should be a startup targeting large enterprises as your ultimate customer.

No, but it will help us evaluate your company.

Generally, we respond within 30 days after your application is received to confirm additional information required to move your application forward.

We review each company’s application thoroughly. In particular, we look for companies that want to break into the enterprise marketplace or financial services vertical market with an innovative product that is demonstrable, and backed by both implementation and existing customer experience.

In general, the timeline is as follows:

  • Each company is screened, evaluated, and connected to a Wells Fargo advocate.
  • Directors and the investment committee review applications to make the final decision on program admissions and investment.
  • The six-month time frame begins at the time of formal acceptance into the program.


Wells Fargo may fund each startup with up to $1,000,000 for selected companies. The individual investment terms are negotiated with each company and not publicly disclosed. Please note that Wells Fargo does not lead funding rounds as part of the program.

As a strategic investor, we expect to make a single investment.

We are making passive investments and will not ask for board representation.